Rosetta Stone Russian review.

About Rosetta Stone Russian.

Rosetta Stone offers quite a unique language learning program since it is based on complete immersion. This software provides learners with different workouts that are aimed at teaching you Russian grammar, vocabulary, writing, improving your listening and speaking skills. Due to the fact that this program follows complete immersion approach you will not find any explanations & translations into English language. Instead users of this program are able to figure out the meaning of Russian words by looking at pictures. It can be said that these workouts are very interactive and a good way to study for visual learners, since they use picture-word association. So with Rosetta Stone you can build a basis of fundamental Russian vocabulary, which will enable you to engage in simple conversations, such as greetings and introductions, simple questions and replies, shopping, and a lot more.

What is included in the course?

Before considering trying Rosetta Stone program for Russian learning you should know that there are two versions available for this course. The first version is standard software that you can install on your computer and use for unlimited time. The second version is online and you can access all material in the course by using your phone, tablet or computer. This version is more suitable for learners who prefer to study while on the go; however it is a bit more expensive too. It is also very important to mention that online version of Rosetta Stone includes additional features like live online tutoring, games and mobile apps. All these mentioned features are included in standard version too; however they are free for only 3 months. So it is very important to understand the differences between these two versions of Rosetta Stone in order to choose the right course for you.

Rosetta-Stone-featuresIt can be said that Rosetta Stone has one of the most advanced features for practicing Russian speaking skills. Speech Recognition in this software will evaluate your Russian pronunciation and provide with feedback whether you are doing it ok or not. In order for this feature to function properly you will need a good quality microphone; however you shouldn’t worry too much about this, since a pair of headsets is included together with Rosetta Stone software.

One of the biggest benefits of Rosetta Stone software for Russian learners is that there are a total of 5 levels available for this foreign language. This is the most levels that Rosetta Stone offers for any language, so by choosing this particular course you can achieve more advanced level with Russian. And in case you are already familiar with this foreign language you can skip the first parts of the program and save some money.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Since Rosetta Stone Russian is a popular software for learning this language, there are also quite a lot of user testimonials available online. In general it can be said that reviews of Rosetta Stone Russian are quite positive; however quite a lot of users points out limitations of this program too. Some of the most common drawbacks that most users point out are that it is too difficult to learn grammar using only this software and sometimes it is a bit confusing to know exactly what a picture is trying to portray. Read a couple reviews from actual users of Rosetta Stone Russian bellow.


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Review of Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Rosetta Stone Russian is risk free for 30 days since it comes with money back guarantee;
  • At the moment there are 5 levels of Rosetta Stone course available for Russian learners. Other courses like Pimsleur only offers 3 parts for this particular language so it is worthwhile to choose this software in case you want to achieve more advanced level in Russian;
  • This software provides learners with different workouts that can help to improve all aspects of Russian language (grammar, reading, writing, speaking as well as listening);
  • Rosetta Stone software includes advanced Speech Recognition feature, that will check how well you pronounce Russian words and phrases and give you an instant feedback. This is a very helpful feature for practicing your speaking skills that no other course is offering at the moment;
  • Since all the recordings in this program are made by native Russian speakers you will hear correct pronunciation and good accent all the time;
  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is one of the most dynamic and fun programs for studying Russian since it includes interactive workouts and games;
  • With each level of this course you can learn the most Russian vocabulary when compared with similar courses;
  • Online version of this program has some advanced features for studying Russian like games (with other learners or alone), sessions with a tutor and mobile app;
  • The software has good tracking features so you can see your progress with each workout you complete. Also you can choose what exercises to do, which is a useful feature when you want to concentrate on specific area of Russian language (like writing, grammar and etc.);
  • It is not necessary to be good at English in order to use this program since this course follows complete immersion approach so you will be seeing either pictures or Russian language;

Main Cons:

  • While it can be said that standard version of Rosetta Stone software is reasonably priced, choosing an online version of this course is quite an expensive option for studying Russian;
  • If you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast, Rosetta Stone is not the quickest way to learn survival vocabulary & phrases. This is because the software teaches quite random vocabulary so it might take some time to learn essential vocabulary for traveling;
  • Even though Rosetta Stone includes workouts for teaching all aspects of Russian language, it might be too difficult to learn grammar and writing while using this program. So you either need to have previous Russian learning experience or you will need additional material;
  • Quite commonly you need to have a Russian dictionary around because at times it is difficult to know the exact word that a picture is trying to portray;
  • If you are interested in knowing more about Russian people and their culture you will not find any material included in this course for that. In fact it can be said that this software is designed the same for all languages;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Rosetta Stone can be a useful language learning software for some Russian learners. In my opinion learners who are already familiar with Russian grammar and writing system, can greatly expand their vocabulary list and improve their pronunciation while using this software. Since Rosetta Stone offers interactive program with many different features and activities, studying via this course is never too monotonic. In case you prefer to study Russian on the go, it is also possible to do that with Rosetta Stone. All material in online course can be accessed via different devices (online) and users of the software can study Russian on the move via accompanying Cd’s.

On the other hand, if you are a complete beginner at Russian language, Rosetta Stone might be not the best choice for you. Since immersion type of learning doesn’t provide explanations, it is difficult to understand grammar and other more difficult parts of a new language. So if you don’t have previous Russian learning experience, it might be a better idea to consider alternative online courses or get some additional books on grammar and writing that can be used in combination with Rosetta Stone.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Russian Software?

buy-Rosetta-Stone-RussianIf you have already decided to buy Rosetta Stone Russian course, you can order it on sites like Amazon or official website online.

The price for standard version of this course ranges between $249 and $499 for all 5 levels. In case this seems like huge investment for you, there is also a possibility to buy one level at a time or choose a set of three levels. If you are interested in buying online version of this course you should know that it is a bit more expensive (~$375 for one year) and it is a subscription (not a one-time payment).

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