Rocket Russian review.

About Rocket Russian Course.

Rocket Russian is one of the newest released courses by Rocket Languages. At the moment there is only 1 part available for this foreign language so it is more suitable for complete beginners and intermediate Russian learners. It is also worthwhile to mention that Rocket Language courses tend to get very good feedback from its users and it is rated among top language learning software’s by reputable magazines like PcMag.

Rocket Language courses including for Russian are created by following chunking method. This method means that in the beginning learners are being introduced to full content. Later on everything is being divided into smaller & easier to understand parts. This helps to ensure that Russian learners are able to follow new studying content without doing any guessing.

It can be said that the whole Rocket program is very dynamic and interactive. Audio lessons are very engaging and fun to listen to. Also you can practice what you have learned in them by using different tools, games and other studying features. The course has many motivation boosting features like badges & leader-board that encourage users to login  to the program daily and study Russian further. All studying content in Rocket can be accessed online or by using an app, which helps to ensure that users are able to learn Russian even with very limited time. These are only a few strategies implemented in Rocket that guarantee successful studying for users of this program.

What Features are Offered?

Rocket-Russian-The-PremiumThe main studying material in Rocket course comes in a form of audios. The Premium course includes a total of 32 Russian audio lessons. They are interactive and aimed at complete beginners or intermediate learners of this foreign language. It is worthwhile to mention that these audios come together with transcripts in both English and Russian that you can download in PDF format and print. This option is very useful since you will not need to do any guessing while listening to audios. For practicing speaking skills, this course also includes Rocket Record feature. This feature allows users to record their pronunciation of separate words and phrases and then compare it to a native Russian speaker. In The Premium course alone this functionality works for more than four thousand words and phrases. So if your main goal is to learn how to speak Russian, you should definitely consider Rocket program.

In addition to audio lessons there is also quite a lot of written material included in Rocket program that covers writing & grammar and provides information about Russian culture. While studying content on grammar is not very in depth, it is sufficient for learning at least basics. This is a great benefit of Rocket Languages since most other courses only teach how to speak and understand Russian.

In order to help learners remember new vocabulary and concepts easier, Rocket includes a few programs, quizzes and flashcards after each audio lesson. Programs like Know it, Play it, Write it and Hear it, Say it will allow you to practice Russian from different angles. These mentioned features are very useful for improving retention rate and making the whole learning experience more engaging.

In case you consider yourself as a busy learner, Rocket can be one of the best choices for you to study Russian. Since the whole Rocket course is based online, you will be able to access studying material & features whenever you have internet connection available. Audio lessons can be downloaded, which gives possibility to study without WiFi as well. Rocket Languages also has an app, which means that learners can study Russian conveniently via different devices. All these mentioned features gives users a lot of flexibility for learners and they can learn Russian effectively even with very little time.

Some other great features of this language learning program are that it has motivation features as well as advanced tracking. After you will finish important parts of Rocket Russian or you will practice via programs provided in this course, you will be given points and badges. You will be also placed in a leader-board, which will allow you to compare your progress with other Russian learners. There is also a possibility to opt in on receiving weekly e-mails from Rocket program. This can be quite useful feature for encouraging users to login to the program more frequently. They can learn more about their Russian learning progress and get recommendation on what do study further. To make learning more convenient for users, Rocket program keeps full track of their activities and progress. This means that all your progress within this course is tracked and you will be able to continue studying Russian where you last left.

Rocket Languages also has a forum created specifically for Russian learners. Being part of a community is very important part when learning a new language. So if you will ever need help while learning Russian, you can ask questions there. Not only will you be able to communicate with tutor of this course, but with other Russian learners as well.

In addition to material provided in the main course (The Premium) you will also get a free bonus after purchasing this course. This bonus is a Survival Kit, which provides additional Russian vocabulary on topics like food, clothing, transport, number and etc.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons Rocket Russian.

The Main Pros:

  • One great benefit of this Russian course is that you can register for 6 days trial lessons and test all features included in this online program completely free;
  • Rocket includes material & features for learning all aspects of a new language so with this course you can improve your Russian listening, speaking, writing, reading as well as grammar skills;
  • From the start of this program you will learn only the most essential vocabulary and phrases for communicating. Due to this Rocket can be a very useful course if you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast;
  • If your primary goal is to learn how to speak, you will not be disappointed with Rocket and material/features included in this program. Interactive audio lessons will encourage you to speak Russian out load and voice comparison feature will help you improve your pronunciation. Furthermore you will always hear proper Russian accent and pronunciation since audios in this program are recorded by a native speaker;
  • It is not too difficult to follow Rocket course since transcript of dialogues is provided in both Russian and English. Furthermore learners are given sufficient studying material to understand and learn basics of Russian grammar & writing system. Also everything in audios is explained in more detail and repeated a couple of times;
  • Rocket program includes a couple of features that can help Russian learners to keep their motivation high while learning this foreign language. Some of these features are leader-board, badges and newsletters on your progress (optional);
  • This program does a good job at keeping your retention high while you are learning Russian. This is achieved by sufficient repetition and by providing learners with different type of studying material (games, programs, audios, written material and etc.);
  • While learning via Rocket course you will be able to track your progress with Russian language easily since you will be able to see which parts and activities you already completed and not. Also you can rate difficulty of separate parts of the course and provided quizzes will help you determine if you need to repeat a particular lesson,
  • It can be said that Rocket is among the most convenient programs for studying Russian on the move since there is mobile app available and audios can be transferred to other devices;
  • This course includes a lot of different programs (Hear it, Say it, Play it, Write it and etc.), flashcards and audio lessons that make your whole Russian learning experience less monotonic;
  • Rocket course provides Russian learners with a forum where they can communicate between each other, share resources and ask instructor questions. Also this program comes with 24/7 e-mail support so you can get assistance when you need it;
  • This program has a very useful feature – Phrase Finder, which can be partly used as a dictionary. By entering a particular Russian word or phrase into this program you will be able to see in what context they it is being used throughout the whole course;
  • When ordering Rocket Russian The Premium course you will also get a free bonus – Survival Kit. This bonus is quite useful for learning additional Russian vocabulary;
  • When it comes to price it can be said that Rocket Languages offers very reasonably priced courses with a lot of material and features. You can buy The Premium Russian for as little as $99.95. It is also worthwhile to mention that all features updates of this language learning program are completely free;
  • All Rocket Language courses are backed up by 60 days money back guarantee so if some reason you change your mind about this Russian program you can get a refund;

The Main Cons:

  • Even though Rocket includes some material on Russian grammar and writing it can be said that the main focus of this course is to teach learners how to speak in this foreign language. So if you learning Russian for academic purposes, you might need additional material/resources;
  • Since Rocket only recently launched a course for Russian learners, at the moment there is only one level (The Premium) available for this language;
  • In order to access material on Rocket program you will need to have stable internet connection at all times. Although it is worthwhile to mention that material like audio lessons can be downloaded and transferred on your preferred device. There is also CD version of this course available, but it is quite expensive ($299.95);

What Do User Reviews Say?

Since Rocket Languages released The Premium course for Russian learners only recently, there is not much independent reviews available for this particular foreign language yet. Although there are plenty of consumer reviews available for other languages like French, German, Chinese and etc. They can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Russian edition as well. Read a few actual user reviews of Rocket Languages courses bellow.


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Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review article it can be said that Rocket Russian has a lot of benefits and a few downsides. The main advantages of this learning program are that it teaches all aspects of Russian language, offers very dynamic studying material, keeps learners retention rate high. Considering all studying material & features included, the price of this course is also very reasonable.

The main disadvantage of Rocket program is that there is only one part available for Russian language. Due to this it is only worthwhile to consider this course for learners who are at beginner or intermediate level in this language. Also users of this program should not expect to become proficient in Russian grammar just by completing this course. While Rocket provides studying material in this area, it is only good for learning the basics.

Where to buy Rocket Russian?

If you want to try Rocket course features for free or you have already decided to purchase this program, you can do so on the official Rocket Languages website. The price for The Premium course is $149.95, but usually there is a discount available so you can buy it for as little as $99.95.

It is also worthwhile to mention that together with The Premium course you will get Rocket Russian Survival Kit for free. This kit includes the most essential Russian phrases and vocabulary together with audios so you can learn how to pronounce them correctly. Buying Rocket Russian will give you lifetime access to this program so you will not need spend additional money after a year or two. All upcoming feature upgrades of this learning program are free as well.

Visit the official Rocket Russian website.