Pimsleur Russian review.

About Pimsleur Russian Courses.

It can be said that Pimsleur is a preferred course by many audible learners who want to learn how to speak and understand Russian language. Since the main focus of Pimsleur is to teach learners how to communicate in a foreign language, only basics of Russian language structure and grammar are being covered.

A typical Pimsleur lessons starts with a dialogue between two Russian speakers and then instructor of this course divides conversation into smaller parts and explains it in more detail. Throughout the lessons there is quite a lot of repetition, which ensures that learners are able to recall studying material. To reinforce studying material even further and encourage learners to speak Russian out load, instructor of these lessons also prompts listeners to say different phrases in Russian.

You should know that there are two native speakers in Pimsleur Russian audio lessons, one from Moscow and the other one from Petersburg, so you will feel a little difference in their dialects. However it’s kind of a big benefit to this course since you will be able to better understand Russian spoken in different regions.

What is Included in These Lessons?

pimsleur-russian-unlimitedAt the moment there are 2 versions of Pimsleur course available for Russian language – Unlimited and standard audio lessons. The main difference between these two versions is that Unlimited offers some extra studying features (flashcards & games); however it is also priced slightly higher. So learners who do not need visual studying content for learning Russian can choose standard audio lessons and save some money.

Both versions of Pimsleur course have three levels available for Russian learners. Based on Pimsleur, learners can expect to achieve high-intermediate level in Russian (understanding, speaking & reading) by completing all parts in this course. Each level in Pimsleur has 30 different audio lessons that are on average 30 minutes long. So all 90 lessons in this course would be equal to 45 hours of studying time. The list of vocabulary that these lessons cover is about 300-500 words, which will allow you to take part in at least basic conversations with people who are speaking Russian.

Since the main studying content in Pimsleur are audio lessons, it is possible to learn almost everything while on the move. Furthermore Pimsleur provides learners with free app, which makes learning Russian possible via different devices.

Pimsleur lessons cover essential Russian vocabulary & topics that can be useful when getting around in a foreign country. After completing level one, you’ll know the standard greetings, how you can count to 100, ask directions and etc. and more importantly you are going to get a very good feel to the whole language. Level two looks at pronouns and provides you with additional vocabulary. Also in this part future and past tenses are being presented that are essential for Russian language learning. Level three examines the difficult declensions and provides you with plenty of additional vocabulary.

What do Other People Reviews Say?

Due to the fact that Pimsleur is a popular audio course for learning Russian and other foreign languages you can find plenty of consumer testimonials online. In general it can be said that these audios have a very positive feedback from users and many learners confirm that this course helped them to learn Russian.

The most common complaint from users of these lessons are that they are quite expensive and that each level teaches only very little new vocabulary. Bellow you can find a few user reviews of Pimsleur Russian course from other websites.


For more consumer reviews of Pimsleur Russian course visit Amazon website.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Bellow you can find a list of main advantages and disadvantages of Pimsleur Russian that I pointed out after trying this course.

Main Pros:

  • It is possible to try Pimsleur method by registering at official page of this course. You will get access to one free Russian lesson, which can help to make a decision if these lessons are suitable for your learning style;
  • With Pimsleur lessons you can learn useful Russian words and phrases that are essential while traveling;
  • You do not need to do much rewinding for audios since what you learn in one lesson, quite commonly appears in further lessons;
  • For Russian language, Pimsleur offers two versions of its course. Unlimited edition of Pimsleur can be preferred by learners who want more visual studying features and can afford to spend a little more;
  • Lessons can be transferred to your iPod, phone or other device, so if you have a busy schedule you can learn all material while on the go;
  • With these lessons you will hear Russian words pronounced by a few speakers, which is quite useful since you can adapt your ear to different accents. It is also worthwhile to mention that both of these speakers are native so you would be learning good pronunciation;
  • New Russian vocabulary and concepts are introduced not too fast so you will not get confused and will not need to relisten to these lessons too many times;
  • One of the reasons why these lessons are effective in teaching you a new language is because instructor of the course constantly prompts you to say different phrases in Russian. Due to this you need to think in your target language all the time, which makes you more prepared to participate in real life conversations;

Main Cons:

  • These lessons are not very useful for learning Russian writing system, grammar or how to read. Due to this you will either need supplementary material for studying or previous Russian learning experience;
  • Russian learners who tend to lack motivation for studying might find Pimsleur course a bit boring and too repetitive;
  • As it was mentioned previously each lesson of this course only teaches a few Russian phrases and words so even after completing all levels of Pimsleur your vocabulary will be still quite limited;
  • There are no transcripts of dialogues included, which can be a bit frustrating when you do not understand something;
  • Considering the fact that Pimsleur is an audio course and it doesn’t offer learners much additional material to study from, it can be said that it is quite expensive program for learning Russian language ($335 for all three levels);

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Pimsleur can be a great program for learning Russian or any other foreign language; however it is important to know limitations of these lessons before considering them. Due to the fact that the whole Pimsleur course is mostly audio based it is not the best way to learn a new language for visual learners. Also if you intend to learn all aspects of Russian (like grammar, writing and reading) you will either need additional material or you should choose a different course from the beginning.

However if your main aim is to learn how to speak and understand Russian, you will find these audios very efficient in teaching you essential vocabulary and phrases for traveling and communicating with local people.

Where to buy Pimsleur Russian Lessons?

buy-Pimsleur-RussianThe price of Pimsleur Russian course depends a lot on how many levels you will choose to buy and in what form (CD or MP3 format). At the moment you can purchase one level of Pimsleur for a price of $119.95 (MP3 format). It might be also worthwhile to consider buying all three levels of this course at the same time if you are serious about learning Russian since it will help you reduce the price a little ($335 for all three parts). In case you do not want to spend that much money on a course at the same time there is also a possibility to buy only 5 lessons ($21.95). So it can be said that Pimsleur offers quite a lot of buying options, which makes this course affordable for people with all types of budgets.

Before deciding whether to buy Pimsleur lessons or choose another Russian course online I strongly suggest to try a free lesson. It is possible to get this free lesson by registering at the official Pimsleur website online. You will only need to provide your name and e-mail address so it will not cost you anything. While one lesson might seem like not much, it is definitely enough to see how these lessons work and decide whether it is a suitable learning program for you or not.

Coupon Code.

In case you will choose to buy Pimsleur lessons from the official website online you should know that it is possible to reduce the price of this course. In order to get a discount on these lessons you need to use a coupon code at checkout. At the moment one available coupon code is SAVENOW, which will reduce the price of your order by up to 25%. Furthermore by using this code you will get a free shipping offer so you can save even more when buying this course in CD format.

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