Michel Thomas Russian review.

About Michel Thomas Russian Lessons.

Michel Thomas method of foreign language learning is quite well known and it is also rated highly by most learners and reviews online. Since the core of this course is audio lessons it can be said that it is a more suitable program for audible learners. The whole course is based on a classroom situation, since there are two beginner students in the recordings who are learning Russian just like you. So basically when you listen to these tapes you become like third student who is participating in this class.

One of the main ideas of Michel Thomas method is that learners are able to remember what they are learning better when a language is broken down into very small parts. So you will be introduced to a new language in very small steps that are easy to memorize and understand.

The other idea of these lessons is that it is your teachers’ responsibility to explain a new studying material in a way that it would be easy to remember and learners do not need to worry too much that they will forget new vocabulary and etc. So it can be said that this course creates a learning environment that is completely free from stress.

One more thing to know about these lessons is that you will not be provided with strict grammar rules. Instead an instructor of this course will give you quite a lot of different examples and through them you will be able to understand basic grammar rules of Russian language.

What Courses Are Available?


When it comes to Russian language there are three Michel Thomas courses available at the moment. Since Start version of this course contains only one hour of recorded material and it is mostly aimed at showing how this method works, you should skip this part.

The most popular course from Michel Thomas is Total and it is aimed at complete beginners of this foreign language. The material of this course consists of 12 hours of audio as well as 2 additional hours of vocabulary help. Furthermore newer version of Total also includes visual review of a course and a computer program that will provide with different workouts to complete.

If you are serious about learning Russian your should also consider getting Perfect course from Michel Thomas. It will provide you with additional 9 hours of recorded material as well as 3 hours vocabulary help. By completing both of these courses you will not become fluent in Russian; however you will be able to get around in a foreign country or take part in conversations and speak Russian confidently with limited vocabulary that you know.

What Do User Reviews Say?

In general it can be said that Michel Thomas Russian lessons are rated highly by most users. Most people compliment these lessons because they are fun to follow; instructor does a great job at explaining grammar and how to construct sentences in this language.

The most common complain that you can find about this course is that you are not hearing the correct Russian pronunciation all the time since there are two students in the recordings. Read a few testimonials from actual users of Michel Thomas Russian lessons bellow.


For more user reviews of Michel Thomas Russian lessons visit Amazon page here.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • It is very convenient to learn Russian via Michel Thomas course since these lessons comes in a form of audios. Due to the fact that you can learn most of the material on the go it is a suitable course for learners who are busy and can’t dedicate much additional time for studying;
  • Michel Thomas is a suitable course for visual learners too, because there is a computer program included, which will provide you with exercises to practice Russian from different angles;
  • You will not need to listen to these lessons many times since the phase of the course is good even for slow learners and provided explanations are also clear;
  • An instructor of these lessons does a great job at explaining key points of Russian language, how to construct sentences from separate words and provides useful associations on how to remember new vocabulary easier;
  • Two students that are present in these recordings make this course less monotonic and quite fun to follow in general. Also sometimes they ask an instructor to clarify pronunciation or some more complicated parts of Russian language, which is a very useful feature of this course;
  • Since Michel Thomas offers two levels for Russian it is also a suitable course for a bit more advanced learners of this language too;
  • These lessons does a great job at preparing you for real life conversations, since instructor of this course quite commonly prompts you to say different phrases and words in Russian;
  • Based on Michel Thomas course approach it is not necessary to try to remember Russian vocabulary while listening to these tapes too much. So it can be said that these lessons promote learning environment, which is stress free;
  • Quite commonly instructor of these lessons pronounce more difficult Russian words by each syllable so that learners would know how to say them correctly;
  • There is a free iPhone and iPad app available, which will allow you to learn Russian via these mentioned devices too;
  • If you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast you will find these audios very useful for learning essential phrases & vocabulary to get around;
  • Michel Thomas lessons does a great job at boosting your confidence at foreign languages so you will be able to speak Russian just after completing a couple lessons;

Main Cons:

  • When it comes to price it can be said that Michel Thomas course doesn’t offer the best value for money. This is because two levels of this course are priced at ~$300 and there are no advanced features included;
  • In case you need to learn all aspects of Russian language like writing and reading you will need some additional material for studying;
  • Unlike Pimsleur lessons, there are no native speakers Michel Thomas Russian course, which can be seen as a huge downside by some users;
  • Some learners might find beginner Russian students that are recorded in these audios annoying. This is because they slow down these lessons a bit and also due to them you will hear Russian pronunciation that is not always correct;
  • Even though computer program in this course is a great addition for visual learners, it can be said that exercises in it are not as engaging when compared with other Russian courses;
  • The list of Russian vocabulary that you can learn from these audios is quite limited, since each lesson only concentrates on a couple of new words and phrases;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it is fair to say that Michel Thomas Russian lessons have both advantages and some disadvantages. The main strength of this course is that it teaches Russian in a very logical way. After completing these lessons you will know sufficient vocabulary to get around in a foreign country and take part in basic conversations, the most important grammar rules, how to construct sentences from separate words and more.

However just like any audio course, Michel Thomas program will not teach you Russian writing system and how to read in this language and also you will need additional material to learn grammar of this language properly. So if these drawbacks don’t seem to be very important for you, you should definitely consider trying Michel Thomas lessons.

Where to buy Michel Thomas Russian Courses?

Michel Thomas Foundation Russian AudiosIf you are interested in buying one of Michel Thomas Russian courses you can order it easily on a few websites online. Some good options for buying this course would be either iTunes or Amazon.

At the moment the price for Total part ranges between $110-$150 and Perfect course is priced at $96-$150. In case you are still not sure whether Michel Thomas Russian is the right course for you, you should definitely consider buying Start edition. It is priced at ~$15 and it includes one hour of recorded material so it is a great way to test this course.

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