Living Language Russian review.

About Living Language Russian Method.

Living Language uses a 4 step method in order to teach learners foreign languages like Russian. First of all, new material in each lesson is introduced in small steps (Building Block Approach) so users are able to progress with confidence. Second of all, learners are being taught only the most essential Russian words and phrases. Due to this they are able to form sentences and take part in real life conversations quite fast. Third of all, users of this course are able to retain what they have learned, because they are learning Russian from different angles (through audios, visual material, digital practice and etc.). Last but not least, Living Language provides learners with clear explanations on grammar. This is a beneficial feature of the course since knowing grammar properly can greatly boost your confidence, since you will not need to worry that you are making mistakes while speaking.

What Courses Are Available?

When it comes to Russian language you should know that at the moment there are two courses available from Living Language. The first one is Essential and it is mostly aimed at learners who only need to learn basics of this language and limited vocabulary. The material in this edition consists of 3 audio CD’s and 1 book, where you will find a total of 10 lessons.

More serious Russian learners should consider Complete edition of this course since it includes 3 times more material to study from. By choosing this particular course you would get 9 audio CD’s and 3 books. This edition from Living Language is more popular choice among learners since it offers way more material and it is priced quite similarly.

In addition to these two mentioned editions there is also an online version of Living Language available for Russian learners. It might be a good idea to consider this format of a course in case you are planning to learn a lot while on the go. Online version provides learners with the same lessons that are found in coursebooks; however it is a bit more convenient study this way if you are not around your home. It is also worthwhile to mention that one year subscription to this course includes 2 e-tutoring sessions with a native Russian speaker. You can also buy credits for these sessions separately; however they are quite expensive (~$25 for one credit).

What Do User Reviews Say?

It can be said that Living Language Russian courses have positive feedback from its users and the same thing can be said for other languages too. What most users like about these courses is the fact that they are very cheap and yet provide learners with a lot of material to study from. Also Living Language covers all areas of Russian language, so you will not need spend much money on buying additional books or material.

A few common complains about Living Language Russian is that it doesn’t always follow building block approach so learners need to figure out some things on their own and a few typos can be found too. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Russian courses bellow.


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The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.

Main Advantages:

  • Unlike some audio based courses, Living Language offers courses that can help to improve all areas of Russian language (grammar, writing, reading and etc.). Due to this you will not need to spend much additional money on buying supplementary courses or books;
  • Due to the fact that Living Language teaches Russian through different multimedia (books, audios, e-tutoring, online features) you will learn this language from more than one angle, which will greatly boost your studying efficiency;
  • If you spend time reading consumer reviews of Living Language Russian courses you will find mostly positive feedback. This is a great proof that it is a quality and effective course for learning this language;
  • Since Living Language Russian courses follow Building Block Approach you will be presented with new material and concepts in small steps, so you will be able to understand everything and progress with confidence;
  • Living Language teaches essential words & phrases from the first lesson so you will be able to start speaking Russian fast. It is also worthwhile to mention that vocabulary that is thought in this course will come in handy while getting around in Russian speaking countries;
  • In case one of your goals is to learn Russian grammar properly you will find sufficient material included in Living Language Complete course for that;
  • If you are interested in finding out more about Russian culture you will find some information included in this course for that too;
  • The fact that Living Language offers material in a form of audios and books makes it a suitable course for visual and audible learners. Also since users of this program can study from different multimedia, learning is less monotonic;
  • Learners who want to learn Russian while on the go can use audios provided by Living Language or download their mobile app;
  • It can be said that Living Language offers some of the cheapest courses for studying Russian. You can buy Essential edition of this course for as little as ~$23 and Complete edition is priced at ~$50;
  • Quite recently Living Language started to offer live e-tutoring sessions with a native speaker. Each session is on average 30 minutes long and there might be a maximum of 4 participants in them. This is quite a useful feature for learners who want to ask some questions or simply need an in depth review of the material provided in the course.

Main Disadvantages:

  • Due to the fact that at the moment Living Language doesn’t offer Platinum edition for Russian learners, it can be said that other two available courses (Essential and Complete) might lack more advanced features for needy learners;
  • Even though Living Language states that they follow Building Block Approach, at times this course introduces new information too fast, which might be a bit too confusing for complete beginners at Russian;
  • Sometimes this course provides translation of Russian words that is a bit inaccurate, which might leave learners a bit confused;
  • It can be said that Living Language lacks more advanced features for practicing Russian pronunciation (for example like Rosetta Stone Speech Recognition feature). Due to this it might be a better idea to consider alternative courses if your main aim is to learn how to speak this language (with good pronunciation and accent);
  • When you compare online features of Living Language (games and quizzes) with similar features offered by other courses (Rocket or Rosetta Stone) it can be said that they are a bit less engaging;
  • Even though Essential and Complete editions of Living Language are quite cheap, this is not a case with online version of this course (~$150 for one year). Also if you are interested in trying live e-tutoring sessions you should know that it costs ~$25 to get one credit.

Summary of a Review.

To sum up this review it can be said that Living Language offers one of the best and most affordable courses for learning Russian. One huge benefit of this course is that it includes material that can help to improve all aspects of Russian language including grammar, writing, listening, speaking as well as reading. Since Living Language offers different multimedia (audios, visual material and digital practice) to study Russian from, it is a suitable program for all types of learners. This also means that users can learn this language from different angles, which in turn improves studying efficiently.

Despite all these mentioned benefits it can be said that Living Language might lack some more advanced features for Russian learners who want to perfect their pronunciation. Also new studying material is not always introduced by following Building Block Approach and from time to time it is possible to notice inaccurate translations of some Russian words.

Where to buy Living Language Russian?

buy-Living-Language-RussianIf you are interested in buying one of Living Language Russian courses there are a few options from where you can buy it. Essential and Complete editions of this course can be purchased on sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and official website online. However you should know that online version of this course or e-tutoring credits can be only purchased on official page of Living Language.

When it comes to price you can buy Essential version for less than $23 and Complete course from Living Language is priced between $36 and $49. The price for online version is a bit higher and it depends on how long you are planning to use this course ($99-$150 for one year).

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