Instant Immersion Russian review.

About Instant Immersion Russian Software.

Instant Immersion software is available for learning more than 120 foreign languages and Russian is one of them. This learning program is interactive and it offers to learn new languages through immersion. The main purpose of this software is to help learners build their vocabulary so that they would be able to communicate in a new language as quickly as possible. Immersion type of teaching means that you will not find lengthy explanations on Russian grammar & language structure. Learners who are interested in learning all aspects of Russian might find it as a large disadvantage; however for others it can help to save time when studying and avoid more complicated parts of a new language.

The software is suitable for complete beginners since it starts with single Russian words and once the lessons progress learners are being introduced to more complex phrases and sentences. At the moment there are up to 3 levels of this software available for Russian language so it is possible to advance to intermediate level by completing them all.

instant-immersion-russian-featuresWithin the course you can find different activities like quizzes, workouts, games that can help to practice Russian from different angles. One quite useful feature that you can find in Instant Immersion software is Voice Comparison. It allows to compare your Russian pronunciation with a native speaker. By using this feature you will be encouraged to speak Russian out load and also you will be able to check if you are doing it right or not.

The vocabulary that you can learn from this program covers topics such as asking directions, ordering food, talking about yourself, hobbies, sports and more. In the third part of this software you can also find a separate section that teaches vocabulary associated with business. In this part you can expand your list of vocabulary on topics like finance, marketing, advertising, negotiating and more. So this particular part in Instant Immersion can be specifically useful for learners who are studying Russian for business or work purposes.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • This learning program provides studying content through different multimedia (audios, games, flashcards and etc.) so it can be suitable for more Russian learners (visual and audible);
  • This learning program comes together with free e-tutoring from iTalki (30 minutes session). In case you need more assistance, there is also a possibility to buy additional credits from this company;
  • Since workouts in Instant Immersion are different and quite engaging, learning Russian via this software is not too monotonic;
  • Instant Immersion uses little English in the software, so you will be able to immerse into Russian language almost completely when studying via this program;
  • By completing workouts in Instant Immersion, learners get points so it is easier to keep track of their learning progress. Furthermore, all activities in this program are fully tracked so you will be able continue studying Russian where you last left;
  • Keeping retention rate high is not too difficult when following Instant Immersion lessons since there is sufficient practice through different workouts and material is being repeated in further lessons;
  • Learning Russian on the move can be quite difficult while using this software, but it is still possible to do that by using supplementary audios, app and phrasebook;
  • Instant Immersion can be quite helpful software for learning & repeating Russian words. Vocabulary in this program is also grouped based on topics, so you can choose to learn words that are the most essential for you at the moment;
  • This program can be useful for learning good pronunciation and practicing overall Russian speaking skills. Recordings in Instant Immersion software are made by native speakers and also there is Voice Recording that encourages to speak out load & allows to compare your pronunciation;
  • Purchasing Instant Immersion will give lifetime access to this Russian studying program. Your family members or friends will be able to use it too, since it can be installed on multiple computers;
  • The price of this software can be quite appealing for most Russian learners since you can buy the whole 3 levels for 49.95 USD. The course is also backed up by money guarantee so you can request refund for up to 90 days;

The Main Cons:

  • In case you want to communicate with other learners when studying Russian, you will not find any social features included in Instant Immersion for this purpose;
  • If you have limited time for studying Russian and prefer to learn on the go, it might be difficult to do that with Instant Immersion. Since it is software based program, you will need to be around your computer in order to access most of studying material & features;
  • When compared with Rosetta Stone, it can be said that Instant Immersion has less advanced Voice Recognition feature (it only allows to compare pronunciation, but it doesn’t give feedback);
  • While there are workouts in Instant Immersion that cover some Russian grammar basics, they don’t give explanations. Due to this you will need supplementary learning content & resources in order to learn it properly;

What Do User Reviews Say?

To summarize user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian, it can be said that there are both positive and negative ones. Most learners agree that it is a useful program for learning Russian vocabulary and that this software provides quite a lot of learning content (considering its price). Studying via Instant Immersion is also not too monotonic since learning activities are quite engaging and fun to do.

Some downsides that users of this program mention are lack of explanations on grammar or not sufficient features (advanced) for practicing Russian speaking skills. Read a few actual user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian program bellow.


Find more user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian program on Amazon.

In Summary.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Instant Immersion can be useful learning software for some Russian learners. Immersion type of workouts can be helpful in learning & repeating vocabulary. Voice Comparison feature and audios in this software can be useful for learning pronunciation and improving overall Russian speaking skills. The price of Instant Immersion is quite reasonable, so this software can be affordable for most Russian learners.

Despite these mentioned benefits, it can be said that Instant Immersion Russian has quite a lot of limitations too. Since this program doesn’t give explanations on Russian structure & grammar, it might be too difficult to progress with this software alone for complete beginners at this language. Also Instant Immersion has little learn on the go features so it might be not the best choice studying program for busy learners.

Where to buy Instant Immersion Russian Program?

instant-immersion-russian-softwareYou can find Instant Immersion software (including for Russian language) at retail sites like Amazon & eBay and official website of this course. All three parts of this software are priced at 49.95 USD, but there is also a possibility to order only the first level of Instant Immersion software (29.95 USD). Since the price difference between these two options is quite little, it is definitely more cost efficient to buy all levels in the bundle. You can also find older versions of this learning program for sale; however it might contain less studying content or features.

Find Instant Immersion Russian Software on Amazon.

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