Rocket Russian review.

About Rocket Russian Course.

Rocket Russian is one of the newest released courses by Rocket Languages. At the moment there is only 1 part available for this foreign language so it is more suitable for complete beginners and intermediate Russian learners. It is also worthwhile to mention that Rocket Language courses tend to get very good feedback from its users and it is rated among top language learning software’s by reputable magazines like PcMag.

Rocket Language courses including for Russian are created by following chunking method. This method means that in the beginning learners are being introduced to full content. Later on everything is being divided into smaller & easier to understand parts. This helps to ensure that Russian learners are able to follow new studying content without doing any guessing.

It can be said that the whole Rocket program is very dynamic and interactive. Audio lessons are very engaging and fun to listen to. Also you can practice what you have learned in them by using different tools, games and other studying features. The course has many motivation boosting features like badges & leader-board that encourage users to login  to the program daily and study Russian further. All studying content in Rocket can be accessed online or by using an app, which helps to ensure that users are able to learn Russian even with very limited time. These are only a few strategies implemented in Rocket that guarantee successful studying for users of this program.

What Features are Offered?

Rocket-Russian-The-PremiumThe main studying material in Rocket course comes in a form of audios. The Premium course includes a total of 32 Russian audio lessons. They are interactive and aimed at complete beginners or intermediate learners of this foreign language. It is worthwhile to mention that these audios come together with transcripts in both English and Russian that you can download in PDF format and print. This option is very useful since you will not need to do any guessing while listening to audios. For practicing speaking skills, this course also includes Rocket Record feature. This feature allows users to record their pronunciation of separate words and phrases and then compare it to a native Russian speaker. In The Premium course alone this functionality works for more than four thousand words and phrases. So if your main goal is to learn how to speak Russian, you should definitely consider Rocket program.

In addition to audio lessons there is also quite a lot of written material included in Rocket program that covers writing & grammar and provides information about Russian culture. While studying content on grammar is not very in depth, it is sufficient for learning at least basics. This is a great benefit of Rocket Languages since most other courses only teach how to speak and understand Russian.

In order to help learners remember new vocabulary and concepts easier, Rocket includes a few programs, quizzes and flashcards after each audio lesson. Programs like Know it, Play it, Write it and Hear it, Say it will allow you to practice Russian from different angles. These mentioned features are very useful for improving retention rate and making the whole learning experience more engaging.

In case you consider yourself as a busy learner, Rocket can be one of the best choices for you to study Russian. Since the whole Rocket course is based online, you will be able to access studying material & features whenever you have internet connection available. Audio lessons can be downloaded, which gives possibility to study without WiFi as well. Rocket Languages also has an app, which means that learners can study Russian conveniently via different devices. All these mentioned features gives users a lot of flexibility for learners and they can learn Russian effectively even with very little time.

Some other great features of this language learning program are that it has motivation features as well as advanced tracking. After you will finish important parts of Rocket Russian or you will practice via programs provided in this course, you will be given points and badges. You will be also placed in a leader-board, which will allow you to compare your progress with other Russian learners. There is also a possibility to opt in on receiving weekly e-mails from Rocket program. This can be quite useful feature for encouraging users to login to the program more frequently. They can learn more about their Russian learning progress and get recommendation on what do study further. To make learning more convenient for users, Rocket program keeps full track of their activities and progress. This means that all your progress within this course is tracked and you will be able to continue studying Russian where you last left.

Rocket Languages also has a forum created specifically for Russian learners. Being part of a community is very important part when learning a new language. So if you will ever need help while learning Russian, you can ask questions there. Not only will you be able to communicate with tutor of this course, but with other Russian learners as well.

In addition to material provided in the main course (The Premium) you will also get a free bonus after purchasing this course. This bonus is a Survival Kit, which provides additional Russian vocabulary on topics like food, clothing, transport, number and etc.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons Rocket Russian.

The Main Pros:

  • One great benefit of this Russian course is that you can register for 6 days trial lessons and test all features included in this online program completely free;
  • Rocket includes material & features for learning all aspects of a new language so with this course you can improve your Russian listening, speaking, writing, reading as well as grammar skills;
  • From the start of this program you will learn only the most essential vocabulary and phrases for communicating. Due to this Rocket can be a very useful course if you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast;
  • If your primary goal is to learn how to speak, you will not be disappointed with Rocket and material/features included in this program. Interactive audio lessons will encourage you to speak Russian out load and voice comparison feature will help you improve your pronunciation. Furthermore you will always hear proper Russian accent and pronunciation since audios in this program are recorded by a native speaker;
  • It is not too difficult to follow Rocket course since transcript of dialogues is provided in both Russian and English. Furthermore learners are given sufficient studying material to understand and learn basics of Russian grammar & writing system. Also everything in audios is explained in more detail and repeated a couple of times;
  • Rocket program includes a couple of features that can help Russian learners to keep their motivation high while learning this foreign language. Some of these features are leader-board, badges and newsletters on your progress (optional);
  • This program does a good job at keeping your retention high while you are learning Russian. This is achieved by sufficient repetition and by providing learners with different type of studying material (games, programs, audios, written material and etc.);
  • While learning via Rocket course you will be able to track your progress with Russian language easily since you will be able to see which parts and activities you already completed and not. Also you can rate difficulty of separate parts of the course and provided quizzes will help you determine if you need to repeat a particular lesson,
  • It can be said that Rocket is among the most convenient programs for studying Russian on the move since there is mobile app available and audios can be transferred to other devices;
  • This course includes a lot of different programs (Hear it, Say it, Play it, Write it and etc.), flashcards and audio lessons that make your whole Russian learning experience less monotonic;
  • Rocket course provides Russian learners with a forum where they can communicate between each other, share resources and ask instructor questions. Also this program comes with 24/7 e-mail support so you can get assistance when you need it;
  • This program has a very useful feature – Phrase Finder, which can be partly used as a dictionary. By entering a particular Russian word or phrase into this program you will be able to see in what context they it is being used throughout the whole course;
  • When ordering Rocket Russian The Premium course you will also get a free bonus – Survival Kit. This bonus is quite useful for learning additional Russian vocabulary;
  • When it comes to price it can be said that Rocket Languages offers very reasonably priced courses with a lot of material and features. You can buy The Premium Russian for as little as $99.95. It is also worthwhile to mention that all features updates of this language learning program are completely free;
  • All Rocket Language courses are backed up by 60 days money back guarantee so if some reason you change your mind about this Russian program you can get a refund;

The Main Cons:

  • Even though Rocket includes some material on Russian grammar and writing it can be said that the main focus of this course is to teach learners how to speak in this foreign language. So if you learning Russian for academic purposes, you might need additional material/resources;
  • Since Rocket only recently launched a course for Russian learners, at the moment there is only one level (The Premium) available for this language;
  • In order to access material on Rocket program you will need to have stable internet connection at all times. Although it is worthwhile to mention that material like audio lessons can be downloaded and transferred on your preferred device. There is also CD version of this course available, but it is quite expensive ($299.95);

What Do User Reviews Say?

Since Rocket Languages released The Premium course for Russian learners only recently, there is not much independent reviews available for this particular foreign language yet. Although there are plenty of consumer reviews available for other languages like French, German, Chinese and etc. They can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Russian edition as well. Read a few actual user reviews of Rocket Languages courses bellow.


For more user reviews of Rocket Language Courses visit the official page here.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review article it can be said that Rocket Russian has a lot of benefits and a few downsides. The main advantages of this learning program are that it teaches all aspects of Russian language, offers very dynamic studying material, keeps learners retention rate high. Considering all studying material & features included, the price of this course is also very reasonable.

The main disadvantage of Rocket program is that there is only one part available for Russian language. Due to this it is only worthwhile to consider this course for learners who are at beginner or intermediate level in this language. Also users of this program should not expect to become proficient in Russian grammar just by completing this course. While Rocket provides studying material in this area, it is only good for learning the basics.

Where to buy Rocket Russian?

If you want to try Rocket course features for free or you have already decided to purchase this program, you can do so on the official Rocket Languages website. The price for The Premium course is $149.95, but usually there is a discount available so you can buy it for as little as $99.95.

It is also worthwhile to mention that together with The Premium course you will get Rocket Russian Survival Kit for free. This kit includes the most essential Russian phrases and vocabulary together with audios so you can learn how to pronounce them correctly. Buying Rocket Russian will give you lifetime access to this program so you will not need spend additional money after a year or two. All upcoming feature upgrades of this learning program are free as well.

Visit the official Rocket Russian website.

Living Language Russian review.

About Living Language Russian Method.

Living Language uses a 4 step method in order to teach learners foreign languages like Russian. First of all, new material in each lesson is introduced in small steps (Building Block Approach) so users are able to progress with confidence. Second of all, learners are being taught only the most essential Russian words and phrases. Due to this they are able to form sentences and take part in real life conversations quite fast. Third of all, users of this course are able to retain what they have learned, because they are learning Russian from different angles (through audios, visual material, digital practice and etc.). Last but not least, Living Language provides learners with clear explanations on grammar. This is a beneficial feature of the course since knowing grammar properly can greatly boost your confidence, since you will not need to worry that you are making mistakes while speaking.

What Courses Are Available?

When it comes to Russian language you should know that at the moment there are two courses available from Living Language. The first one is Essential and it is mostly aimed at learners who only need to learn basics of this language and limited vocabulary. The material in this edition consists of 3 audio CD’s and 1 book, where you will find a total of 10 lessons.

More serious Russian learners should consider Complete edition of this course since it includes 3 times more material to study from. By choosing this particular course you would get 9 audio CD’s and 3 books. This edition from Living Language is more popular choice among learners since it offers way more material and it is priced quite similarly.

In addition to these two mentioned editions there is also an online version of Living Language available for Russian learners. It might be a good idea to consider this format of a course in case you are planning to learn a lot while on the go. Online version provides learners with the same lessons that are found in coursebooks; however it is a bit more convenient study this way if you are not around your home. It is also worthwhile to mention that one year subscription to this course includes 2 e-tutoring sessions with a native Russian speaker. You can also buy credits for these sessions separately; however they are quite expensive (~$25 for one credit).

What Do User Reviews Say?

It can be said that Living Language Russian courses have positive feedback from its users and the same thing can be said for other languages too. What most users like about these courses is the fact that they are very cheap and yet provide learners with a lot of material to study from. Also Living Language covers all areas of Russian language, so you will not need spend much money on buying additional books or material.

A few common complains about Living Language Russian is that it doesn’t always follow building block approach so learners need to figure out some things on their own and a few typos can be found too. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Russian courses bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Living Language Russian, visit Amazon page here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.

Main Advantages:

  • Unlike some audio based courses, Living Language offers courses that can help to improve all areas of Russian language (grammar, writing, reading and etc.). Due to this you will not need to spend much additional money on buying supplementary courses or books;
  • Due to the fact that Living Language teaches Russian through different multimedia (books, audios, e-tutoring, online features) you will learn this language from more than one angle, which will greatly boost your studying efficiency;
  • If you spend time reading consumer reviews of Living Language Russian courses you will find mostly positive feedback. This is a great proof that it is a quality and effective course for learning this language;
  • Since Living Language Russian courses follow Building Block Approach you will be presented with new material and concepts in small steps, so you will be able to understand everything and progress with confidence;
  • Living Language teaches essential words & phrases from the first lesson so you will be able to start speaking Russian fast. It is also worthwhile to mention that vocabulary that is thought in this course will come in handy while getting around in Russian speaking countries;
  • In case one of your goals is to learn Russian grammar properly you will find sufficient material included in Living Language Complete course for that;
  • If you are interested in finding out more about Russian culture you will find some information included in this course for that too;
  • The fact that Living Language offers material in a form of audios and books makes it a suitable course for visual and audible learners. Also since users of this program can study from different multimedia, learning is less monotonic;
  • Learners who want to learn Russian while on the go can use audios provided by Living Language or download their mobile app;
  • It can be said that Living Language offers some of the cheapest courses for studying Russian. You can buy Essential edition of this course for as little as ~$23 and Complete edition is priced at ~$50;
  • Quite recently Living Language started to offer live e-tutoring sessions with a native speaker. Each session is on average 30 minutes long and there might be a maximum of 4 participants in them. This is quite a useful feature for learners who want to ask some questions or simply need an in depth review of the material provided in the course.

Main Disadvantages:

  • Due to the fact that at the moment Living Language doesn’t offer Platinum edition for Russian learners, it can be said that other two available courses (Essential and Complete) might lack more advanced features for needy learners;
  • Even though Living Language states that they follow Building Block Approach, at times this course introduces new information too fast, which might be a bit too confusing for complete beginners at Russian;
  • Sometimes this course provides translation of Russian words that is a bit inaccurate, which might leave learners a bit confused;
  • It can be said that Living Language lacks more advanced features for practicing Russian pronunciation (for example like Rosetta Stone Speech Recognition feature). Due to this it might be a better idea to consider alternative courses if your main aim is to learn how to speak this language (with good pronunciation and accent);
  • When you compare online features of Living Language (games and quizzes) with similar features offered by other courses (Rocket or Rosetta Stone) it can be said that they are a bit less engaging;
  • Even though Essential and Complete editions of Living Language are quite cheap, this is not a case with online version of this course (~$150 for one year). Also if you are interested in trying live e-tutoring sessions you should know that it costs ~$25 to get one credit.

Summary of a Review.

To sum up this review it can be said that Living Language offers one of the best and most affordable courses for learning Russian. One huge benefit of this course is that it includes material that can help to improve all aspects of Russian language including grammar, writing, listening, speaking as well as reading. Since Living Language offers different multimedia (audios, visual material and digital practice) to study Russian from, it is a suitable program for all types of learners. This also means that users can learn this language from different angles, which in turn improves studying efficiently.

Despite all these mentioned benefits it can be said that Living Language might lack some more advanced features for Russian learners who want to perfect their pronunciation. Also new studying material is not always introduced by following Building Block Approach and from time to time it is possible to notice inaccurate translations of some Russian words.

Where to buy Living Language Russian?

buy-Living-Language-RussianIf you are interested in buying one of Living Language Russian courses there are a few options from where you can buy it. Essential and Complete editions of this course can be purchased on sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and official website online. However you should know that online version of this course or e-tutoring credits can be only purchased on official page of Living Language.

When it comes to price you can buy Essential version for less than $23 and Complete course from Living Language is priced between $36 and $49. The price for online version is a bit higher and it depends on how long you are planning to use this course ($99-$150 for one year).

>>Find Living Language Russian on Amazon.<<

Pimsleur Russian review.

About Pimsleur Russian Courses.

It can be said that Pimsleur is a preferred course by many audible learners who want to learn how to speak and understand Russian language. Since the main focus of Pimsleur is to teach learners how to communicate in a foreign language, only basics of Russian language structure and grammar are being covered.

A typical Pimsleur lessons starts with a dialogue between two Russian speakers and then instructor of this course divides conversation into smaller parts and explains it in more detail. Throughout the lessons there is quite a lot of repetition, which ensures that learners are able to recall studying material. To reinforce studying material even further and encourage learners to speak Russian out load, instructor of these lessons also prompts listeners to say different phrases in Russian.

You should know that there are two native speakers in Pimsleur Russian audio lessons, one from Moscow and the other one from Petersburg, so you will feel a little difference in their dialects. However it’s kind of a big benefit to this course since you will be able to better understand Russian spoken in different regions.

What is Included in These Lessons?

pimsleur-russian-unlimitedAt the moment there are 2 versions of Pimsleur course available for Russian language – Unlimited and standard audio lessons. The main difference between these two versions is that Unlimited offers some extra studying features (flashcards & games); however it is also priced slightly higher. So learners who do not need visual studying content for learning Russian can choose standard audio lessons and save some money.

Both versions of Pimsleur course have three levels available for Russian learners. Based on Pimsleur, learners can expect to achieve high-intermediate level in Russian (understanding, speaking & reading) by completing all parts in this course. Each level in Pimsleur has 30 different audio lessons that are on average 30 minutes long. So all 90 lessons in this course would be equal to 45 hours of studying time. The list of vocabulary that these lessons cover is about 300-500 words, which will allow you to take part in at least basic conversations with people who are speaking Russian.

Since the main studying content in Pimsleur are audio lessons, it is possible to learn almost everything while on the move. Furthermore Pimsleur provides learners with free app, which makes learning Russian possible via different devices.

Pimsleur lessons cover essential Russian vocabulary & topics that can be useful when getting around in a foreign country. After completing level one, you’ll know the standard greetings, how you can count to 100, ask directions and etc. and more importantly you are going to get a very good feel to the whole language. Level two looks at pronouns and provides you with additional vocabulary. Also in this part future and past tenses are being presented that are essential for Russian language learning. Level three examines the difficult declensions and provides you with plenty of additional vocabulary.

What do Other People Reviews Say?

Due to the fact that Pimsleur is a popular audio course for learning Russian and other foreign languages you can find plenty of consumer testimonials online. In general it can be said that these audios have a very positive feedback from users and many learners confirm that this course helped them to learn Russian.

The most common complaint from users of these lessons are that they are quite expensive and that each level teaches only very little new vocabulary. Bellow you can find a few user reviews of Pimsleur Russian course from other websites.


For more consumer reviews of Pimsleur Russian course visit Amazon website.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Bellow you can find a list of main advantages and disadvantages of Pimsleur Russian that I pointed out after trying this course.

Main Pros:

  • It is possible to try Pimsleur method by registering at official page of this course. You will get access to one free Russian lesson, which can help to make a decision if these lessons are suitable for your learning style;
  • With Pimsleur lessons you can learn useful Russian words and phrases that are essential while traveling;
  • You do not need to do much rewinding for audios since what you learn in one lesson, quite commonly appears in further lessons;
  • For Russian language, Pimsleur offers two versions of its course. Unlimited edition of Pimsleur can be preferred by learners who want more visual studying features and can afford to spend a little more;
  • Lessons can be transferred to your iPod, phone or other device, so if you have a busy schedule you can learn all material while on the go;
  • With these lessons you will hear Russian words pronounced by a few speakers, which is quite useful since you can adapt your ear to different accents. It is also worthwhile to mention that both of these speakers are native so you would be learning good pronunciation;
  • New Russian vocabulary and concepts are introduced not too fast so you will not get confused and will not need to relisten to these lessons too many times;
  • One of the reasons why these lessons are effective in teaching you a new language is because instructor of the course constantly prompts you to say different phrases in Russian. Due to this you need to think in your target language all the time, which makes you more prepared to participate in real life conversations;

Main Cons:

  • These lessons are not very useful for learning Russian writing system, grammar or how to read. Due to this you will either need supplementary material for studying or previous Russian learning experience;
  • Russian learners who tend to lack motivation for studying might find Pimsleur course a bit boring and too repetitive;
  • As it was mentioned previously each lesson of this course only teaches a few Russian phrases and words so even after completing all levels of Pimsleur your vocabulary will be still quite limited;
  • There are no transcripts of dialogues included, which can be a bit frustrating when you do not understand something;
  • Considering the fact that Pimsleur is an audio course and it doesn’t offer learners much additional material to study from, it can be said that it is quite expensive program for learning Russian language ($335 for all three levels);

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Pimsleur can be a great program for learning Russian or any other foreign language; however it is important to know limitations of these lessons before considering them. Due to the fact that the whole Pimsleur course is mostly audio based it is not the best way to learn a new language for visual learners. Also if you intend to learn all aspects of Russian (like grammar, writing and reading) you will either need additional material or you should choose a different course from the beginning.

However if your main aim is to learn how to speak and understand Russian, you will find these audios very efficient in teaching you essential vocabulary and phrases for traveling and communicating with local people.

Where to buy Pimsleur Russian Lessons?

buy-Pimsleur-RussianThe price of Pimsleur Russian course depends a lot on how many levels you will choose to buy and in what form (CD or MP3 format). At the moment you can purchase one level of Pimsleur for a price of $119.95 (MP3 format). It might be also worthwhile to consider buying all three levels of this course at the same time if you are serious about learning Russian since it will help you reduce the price a little ($335 for all three parts). In case you do not want to spend that much money on a course at the same time there is also a possibility to buy only 5 lessons ($21.95). So it can be said that Pimsleur offers quite a lot of buying options, which makes this course affordable for people with all types of budgets.

Before deciding whether to buy Pimsleur lessons or choose another Russian course online I strongly suggest to try a free lesson. It is possible to get this free lesson by registering at the official Pimsleur website online. You will only need to provide your name and e-mail address so it will not cost you anything. While one lesson might seem like not much, it is definitely enough to see how these lessons work and decide whether it is a suitable learning program for you or not.

Coupon Code.

In case you will choose to buy Pimsleur lessons from the official website online you should know that it is possible to reduce the price of this course. In order to get a discount on these lessons you need to use a coupon code at checkout. At the moment one available coupon code is SAVENOW, which will reduce the price of your order by up to 25%. Furthermore by using this code you will get a free shipping offer so you can save even more when buying this course in CD format.

>>Find Pimsleur Russian Audios on Amazon.<<

Assimil Russian review.

About Assimil Russian Courses.

Since Assimil courses are released by a French company they tend to be more popular in Europe. Also it is worthwhile to mention that there are far more series available for French rather than English speakers. When it comes to Russian, Assimil offers phrasebook and one main course to learn this foreign language for English speakers. By finishing Assimil’s with Ease series you can expect to learn about 2000-3000 Russian words and achieve B2 level at Russian language. In case you also speak French there are more series and dictionary available for learning Russian so you can achieve even higher level at this language.

Since Assimil is combined of one book and audio CD’s it can be said that this course offers to learn Russian through reading and listening. The whole book is divided into two main parts – passive and active phrase. In the passive phrase of this book you will only need to read the dialogues & sentences and listen to recordings. In the active phrase learners also need to complete different workouts after each lesson. The uniqueness of Assimil method is that it teaches Russian through sentences so you will learn grammar and the whole language structure organically.

In each lesson of Assimil you will find a text in Russian and then on the other side of the page there will be a translation into English language. In order to understand new concepts introduced in Assimil lessons easier learners are also given short notes. In the active phrase of this course (after 49 lessons) there are also some workouts included, which are helpful for practicing your Russian skills and enhancing retention rate.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Assimil courses for Russian and other languages have positive feedback from most users, which is a good proof that this method works for most learners;
  • When studying via Assimil you can expect to improve all areas of Russian – speaking, listening, reading, writing and also learn basic rules & concepts of grammar. Also you can obtain some useful information about Russian culture through situations that are being covered in the dialogues;
  • When learning via Assimil course it is not too difficult to immerse into Russian since audio CD’s include only your target language and book includes explanations in English only when it is totally necessary;
  • In each lesson of this course you can learn quite a lot of new Russian vocabulary. After completing all of Russian with Ease series you can expect to learn from 2000 to 3000 new Russian words, which is quite a lot compared with other courses;
  • After each lesson of Assimil you will find short notes explaining grammar and other concepts of Russian language that were used in the dialogues. This helps a lot to progress with each lesson and understand new material;
  • Even though material in Assimil comes in a form of book it is still quite convenient course for studying Russian on the go. Included book is very tiny so you can carry it everywhere you go and you can transfer audio material to almost every device;
  • Users of this course can learn how to pronounce Russian words correctly from Assimil. This mainly because you will hear native Russian speakers in audio CD’s and also letters that need to be stressed out are bolded in the dialogues.
  • Dialogues in Assimil lessons cover everyday situations so you can learn essential Russian phrases and vocabulary from the beginning;
  • It can be said that Assimil courses can be suitable for both visual and audible Russian learners because it includes audio and written studying material;
  • To complete one lesson of Assimil you will need about 30-60 minutes of your time so it can be said this course is also suitable for busy Russian learners;
  • Some lessons of Assimil include cartoon, which provides some humor and helps to enrich written content of this book. It can be also said that provided dialogues are quite engaging so you shouldn’t get bored when reading them;
  • Assimil provides transcripts of dialogues in both Russian and English so there is no guessing involved with this course. Also you can greatly improve your Russian reading skills by constantly seeing written form of this language;

The Main Cons:

  • Assimil doesn’t offer trial or sample lessons so you will not be able to test method of this course before buying it;
  • Since Assimil introduces quite a lot of new Russian words and concepts in each lesson it might be quite difficult to remember everything. And translation exercises are being introduced only in active phrase of this course, which makes it difficult to keep retention rate high;
  • Audios that are included in Assimil are not interactive so they don’t encourage you to speak Russian out load. Also this course lack more advanced features for practicing Russian pronunciation, which are included in competitor courses (Speech Recognition – Rosetta Stone, Voice Comparison – Rocket and etc.);
  • There is only one series from Assimil available for English learners (Russian with Ease). More advanced level of this course is available too, but it is aimed for French speakers;
  • In order to study via Assimil method and progress with Russian language you need to be very motivated learner. Some other online Russian courses offer features like quizzes, ability to rate difficulty of each lesson, badges and etc.;
  • Even though Assimil includes some notes and explanations on Russian grammar it is definitely not sufficient if you want to learn it properly;
  • If you are learning Russian for traveling purposes it might be a good idea to consider other courses. This is mainly because Assimil includes very little culture information and also it teaches new language through sentences so it might take a while until you will learn survival phrases or be able to form your own sentences in Russian;
  • The price of Assimil Russian course is ~$195 so it can be said that it is not the cheapest way to learn this foreign language. Courses like Living Language offer more material & features for studying Russian and it is priced significantly lower;

What Do User Reviews Say?

Assimil Russian series for English speakers tend to get quite good overall feedback from both review based websites and learners. Most users compliment Assimil course since it offers short & simple explanations, include practical dialogues and teach a lot of new Russian vocabulary.

However some learners complain that lessons are quite monotonic, provided workouts are not sufficient for remembering vocabulary and etc. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Assimil Russian course bellow.


For more user testimonials of Assimil Russian course visit Amazon page here.

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this Assimil Russian review, it can be said that this course have both strong and weak sides. Some of the most commonly mentioned advantages are that in each lesson of this course you can learn a lot of new Russian vocabulary and also it can help to improve all aspects of Russian language. Since Assimil method teaches Russian through full sentences and examples you will be able to learn grammar naturally by noticing patterns in this foreign language (instead of learning lists of rules).

Some downsides of Assimil are that it doesn’t include sufficient exercises or features for keeping retention rate high. Also material might be not sufficiently engaging for some learners and it is difficult to keep track of your progress when studying via Assimil course. If you don’t mind these mentioned disadvantages it is definitely worthwhile to consider Assimil course for learning Russian or any other foreign language.

Where to buy Assimil Russian Courses?

buy-Assimil-RussianSince Assimil courses are released by French company, their availability in USA is quite limited. Despite that you can order Assimil’s Russian with Ease course from retailers like Amazon, eBay and etc.

To buy a complete version of this course (book, audio CD’s, MP3) you might need to spend even up to $195. It is also possible to reduce the price of this course significantly by ordering only a book ($59.95), however it would be quite difficult to learn proper Russian pronunciation without audio material.

Find Assimil Russian courses on Amazon.

Michel Thomas Russian review.

About Michel Thomas Russian Lessons.

Michel Thomas method of foreign language learning is quite well known and it is also rated highly by most learners and reviews online. Since the core of this course is audio lessons it can be said that it is a more suitable program for audible learners. The whole course is based on a classroom situation, since there are two beginner students in the recordings who are learning Russian just like you. So basically when you listen to these tapes you become like third student who is participating in this class.

One of the main ideas of Michel Thomas method is that learners are able to remember what they are learning better when a language is broken down into very small parts. So you will be introduced to a new language in very small steps that are easy to memorize and understand.

The other idea of these lessons is that it is your teachers’ responsibility to explain a new studying material in a way that it would be easy to remember and learners do not need to worry too much that they will forget new vocabulary and etc. So it can be said that this course creates a learning environment that is completely free from stress.

One more thing to know about these lessons is that you will not be provided with strict grammar rules. Instead an instructor of this course will give you quite a lot of different examples and through them you will be able to understand basic grammar rules of Russian language.

What Courses Are Available?


When it comes to Russian language there are three Michel Thomas courses available at the moment. Since Start version of this course contains only one hour of recorded material and it is mostly aimed at showing how this method works, you should skip this part.

The most popular course from Michel Thomas is Total and it is aimed at complete beginners of this foreign language. The material of this course consists of 12 hours of audio as well as 2 additional hours of vocabulary help. Furthermore newer version of Total also includes visual review of a course and a computer program that will provide with different workouts to complete.

If you are serious about learning Russian your should also consider getting Perfect course from Michel Thomas. It will provide you with additional 9 hours of recorded material as well as 3 hours vocabulary help. By completing both of these courses you will not become fluent in Russian; however you will be able to get around in a foreign country or take part in conversations and speak Russian confidently with limited vocabulary that you know.

What Do User Reviews Say?

In general it can be said that Michel Thomas Russian lessons are rated highly by most users. Most people compliment these lessons because they are fun to follow; instructor does a great job at explaining grammar and how to construct sentences in this language.

The most common complain that you can find about this course is that you are not hearing the correct Russian pronunciation all the time since there are two students in the recordings. Read a few testimonials from actual users of Michel Thomas Russian lessons bellow.


For more user reviews of Michel Thomas Russian lessons visit Amazon page here.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • It is very convenient to learn Russian via Michel Thomas course since these lessons comes in a form of audios. Due to the fact that you can learn most of the material on the go it is a suitable course for learners who are busy and can’t dedicate much additional time for studying;
  • Michel Thomas is a suitable course for visual learners too, because there is a computer program included, which will provide you with exercises to practice Russian from different angles;
  • You will not need to listen to these lessons many times since the phase of the course is good even for slow learners and provided explanations are also clear;
  • An instructor of these lessons does a great job at explaining key points of Russian language, how to construct sentences from separate words and provides useful associations on how to remember new vocabulary easier;
  • Two students that are present in these recordings make this course less monotonic and quite fun to follow in general. Also sometimes they ask an instructor to clarify pronunciation or some more complicated parts of Russian language, which is a very useful feature of this course;
  • Since Michel Thomas offers two levels for Russian it is also a suitable course for a bit more advanced learners of this language too;
  • These lessons does a great job at preparing you for real life conversations, since instructor of this course quite commonly prompts you to say different phrases and words in Russian;
  • Based on Michel Thomas course approach it is not necessary to try to remember Russian vocabulary while listening to these tapes too much. So it can be said that these lessons promote learning environment, which is stress free;
  • Quite commonly instructor of these lessons pronounce more difficult Russian words by each syllable so that learners would know how to say them correctly;
  • There is a free iPhone and iPad app available, which will allow you to learn Russian via these mentioned devices too;
  • If you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast you will find these audios very useful for learning essential phrases & vocabulary to get around;
  • Michel Thomas lessons does a great job at boosting your confidence at foreign languages so you will be able to speak Russian just after completing a couple lessons;

Main Cons:

  • When it comes to price it can be said that Michel Thomas course doesn’t offer the best value for money. This is because two levels of this course are priced at ~$300 and there are no advanced features included;
  • In case you need to learn all aspects of Russian language like writing and reading you will need some additional material for studying;
  • Unlike Pimsleur lessons, there are no native speakers Michel Thomas Russian course, which can be seen as a huge downside by some users;
  • Some learners might find beginner Russian students that are recorded in these audios annoying. This is because they slow down these lessons a bit and also due to them you will hear Russian pronunciation that is not always correct;
  • Even though computer program in this course is a great addition for visual learners, it can be said that exercises in it are not as engaging when compared with other Russian courses;
  • The list of Russian vocabulary that you can learn from these audios is quite limited, since each lesson only concentrates on a couple of new words and phrases;

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it is fair to say that Michel Thomas Russian lessons have both advantages and some disadvantages. The main strength of this course is that it teaches Russian in a very logical way. After completing these lessons you will know sufficient vocabulary to get around in a foreign country and take part in basic conversations, the most important grammar rules, how to construct sentences from separate words and more.

However just like any audio course, Michel Thomas program will not teach you Russian writing system and how to read in this language and also you will need additional material to learn grammar of this language properly. So if these drawbacks don’t seem to be very important for you, you should definitely consider trying Michel Thomas lessons.

Where to buy Michel Thomas Russian Courses?

Michel Thomas Foundation Russian AudiosIf you are interested in buying one of Michel Thomas Russian courses you can order it easily on a few websites online. Some good options for buying this course would be either iTunes or Amazon.

At the moment the price for Total part ranges between $110-$150 and Perfect course is priced at $96-$150. In case you are still not sure whether Michel Thomas Russian is the right course for you, you should definitely consider buying Start edition. It is priced at ~$15 and it includes one hour of recorded material so it is a great way to test this course.

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Babbel Russian review.

About Babbel Russian Course.

Babbel can be a great choice course for everyone wanting to learn basics of Russian language. It is subscription based online program for learning foreign languages like German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and a few others. Studying material in Babbel is oriented for beginners and after completing all lessons users can expect to achieve A1 level in Russian language. For some other foreign languages Babbel includes more studying material so it is even possible to achieve B1 level in a new language.

Studying material in Babbel covers different aspects of this foreign language and it can help to learn how to understand, speak and write in Russian. One of the best features of Babbel is that learning can happen whenever you have an internet connection. You can access studying material via your computer, smartphone or a tablet. A free App is available too, which makes learning even more convenient on the go while using your tablet or mobile. You will also find Voice Recording feature available, which is very helpful for improving Russian speaking skills.


When it comes to course structure Babbel has lessons grouped based on their difficulty & different topics. You will find some lessons covering grammar while others will be more oriented on expanding your Russian vocabulary on topics like animals, home, holiday, travel, numbers and etc. There are also 4 beginner courses included those difficulty increase gradually with each part. Different lessons in Babbel are quite commonly divided into 2 parts to make them shorter, each of them have clear learning goals and there is also review lesson included too.

Review of The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

The Main Strong Sides:

  • After registering at official Babbel website it is possible to get some free Russian lessons. So learners are able to test if this course works for them or not before spending any money;
  • Studying material in Babbel covers all areas of Russian so learners can improve their speaking, listening, grammar, reading, writing skills with this program;
  • Babbel can be a great course for busy Russian learners. This is because all lessons are divided into small parts (takes 10-15 minutes to complete) and also all material can be accessed online or by using different devices (free app is available);
  • Babbel can be a very useful course for Russian learners who are studying this language for traveling purposes. There is some cultural information included and most of the words & phrases included in this program can be useful when getting around in a foreign country;
  • Users of this course can learn ~2000 new Russian words after completing all lessons in Babbel. This would be equivalent to A1 level in Russian language (based on CEFR scale);
  • Most workouts in Babbel are enriched by pictures so learning Russian via this course would be more engaging experience. Also the whole course is combined from different activities so leaning is never too monotonic;
  • It can be said that Babbel does sufficient repetition to keep learners retention rate high when studying Russian. Also there is Review Manager feature included in this course, which selects random Russian words from previous lessons and test your knowledge on them;
  • If you prefer to have some social features available when learning Russian, you will find them in Babbel. This includes ability to communicate with other learners, participate in forum discussions and etc.
  • Whenever you will login to Babbel you will be able to continue studying Russian where you last left since this program has advanced tracking;
  • There are some features in Babbel that are aimed at motivating learners to study Russian further. All workouts in this program are based on points so that it would be easier to follow learning progress and features like Daily Challenge asks questions daily from already finished lessons;
  • Recordings in Babbel are made by native Russian speakers so you can always hear proper pronunciation of this foreign language. Voice Recording feature is very useful for improving Russian speaking skills and also there are even separate lessons included on how to pronounce different sounds in Russian;
  • While Babbel doesn’t include in depth explanations on Russian language structure & grammar, most learners will find it enough to progress with this language without too much difficulty;
  • Since Babbel is a subscription based program you will not need to spend too much money on this course at a time. Monthly fee can vary between 4.95 – 9.95 USD and it is also backed up by 20 days money back guarantee;

The Main Weak Sides:

  • Babbel doesn’t offer any online e-tutoring, which can be seen as disadvantage by some Russian learners;
  • Workouts in this course mostly teach individual Russian words so it can take some time until you will be able to construct sentences from them;
  • Babbel is mostly oriented at beginners in this foreign language so if your goal is to achieve more advanced level in Russian you will definitely need additional courses & studying material;
  • It is necessary to have internet connection at all times when studying via Babbel since it is online based course;

In Summary.

Despite some minor downsides it can be said that Babbel can be a great course for most Russian learners. If you are just beginning to study this foreign language, Babbel can help you learn the most essential Russian words & phrases, understand the basics of grammar and language structure. Learning via Babbel is also quite convenient since studying material can be accessed via different devices. Subscription type of pricing (4.95 – 9.95 USD) is also quite appealing since it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on this program at a time.Babbel Russian Course

When considering Babbel course for studying Russian it might be worthwhile to consider a few limitations of this program too. Since this course is mostly aimed at beginners, more advanced learners might find it not sufficiently challenging. Also Babbel mostly teach individual Russian words and doesn’t provide in depth explanations on language structure or grammar. So additional studying material might be needed in case you want to learn all aspects of Russian language.

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Rosetta Stone Russian review.

About Rosetta Stone Russian.

Rosetta Stone offers quite a unique language learning program since it is based on complete immersion. This software provides learners with different workouts that are aimed at teaching you Russian grammar, vocabulary, writing, improving your listening and speaking skills. Due to the fact that this program follows complete immersion approach you will not find any explanations & translations into English language. Instead users of this program are able to figure out the meaning of Russian words by looking at pictures. It can be said that these workouts are very interactive and a good way to study for visual learners, since they use picture-word association. So with Rosetta Stone you can build a basis of fundamental Russian vocabulary, which will enable you to engage in simple conversations, such as greetings and introductions, simple questions and replies, shopping, and a lot more.

What is included in the course?

Before considering trying Rosetta Stone program for Russian learning you should know that there are two versions available for this course. The first version is standard software that you can install on your computer and use for unlimited time. The second version is online and you can access all material in the course by using your phone, tablet or computer. This version is more suitable for learners who prefer to study while on the go; however it is a bit more expensive too. It is also very important to mention that online version of Rosetta Stone includes additional features like live online tutoring, games and mobile apps. All these mentioned features are included in standard version too; however they are free for only 3 months. So it is very important to understand the differences between these two versions of Rosetta Stone in order to choose the right course for you.

Rosetta-Stone-featuresIt can be said that Rosetta Stone has one of the most advanced features for practicing Russian speaking skills. Speech Recognition in this software will evaluate your Russian pronunciation and provide with feedback whether you are doing it ok or not. In order for this feature to function properly you will need a good quality microphone; however you shouldn’t worry too much about this, since a pair of headsets is included together with Rosetta Stone software.

One of the biggest benefits of Rosetta Stone software for Russian learners is that there are a total of 5 levels available for this foreign language. This is the most levels that Rosetta Stone offers for any language, so by choosing this particular course you can achieve more advanced level with Russian. And in case you are already familiar with this foreign language you can skip the first parts of the program and save some money.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Since Rosetta Stone Russian is a popular software for learning this language, there are also quite a lot of user testimonials available online. In general it can be said that reviews of Rosetta Stone Russian are quite positive; however quite a lot of users points out limitations of this program too. Some of the most common drawbacks that most users point out are that it is too difficult to learn grammar using only this software and sometimes it is a bit confusing to know exactly what a picture is trying to portray. Read a couple reviews from actual users of Rosetta Stone Russian bellow.


For more user reviews of Rosetta Stone Russian visit Amazon site here.

Review of Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Rosetta Stone Russian is risk free for 30 days since it comes with money back guarantee;
  • At the moment there are 5 levels of Rosetta Stone course available for Russian learners. Other courses like Pimsleur only offers 3 parts for this particular language so it is worthwhile to choose this software in case you want to achieve more advanced level in Russian;
  • This software provides learners with different workouts that can help to improve all aspects of Russian language (grammar, reading, writing, speaking as well as listening);
  • Rosetta Stone software includes advanced Speech Recognition feature, that will check how well you pronounce Russian words and phrases and give you an instant feedback. This is a very helpful feature for practicing your speaking skills that no other course is offering at the moment;
  • Since all the recordings in this program are made by native Russian speakers you will hear correct pronunciation and good accent all the time;
  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is one of the most dynamic and fun programs for studying Russian since it includes interactive workouts and games;
  • With each level of this course you can learn the most Russian vocabulary when compared with similar courses;
  • Online version of this program has some advanced features for studying Russian like games (with other learners or alone), sessions with a tutor and mobile app;
  • The software has good tracking features so you can see your progress with each workout you complete. Also you can choose what exercises to do, which is a useful feature when you want to concentrate on specific area of Russian language (like writing, grammar and etc.);
  • It is not necessary to be good at English in order to use this program since this course follows complete immersion approach so you will be seeing either pictures or Russian language;

Main Cons:

  • While it can be said that standard version of Rosetta Stone software is reasonably priced, choosing an online version of this course is quite an expensive option for studying Russian;
  • If you are planning a trip to Russian speaking country fast, Rosetta Stone is not the quickest way to learn survival vocabulary & phrases. This is because the software teaches quite random vocabulary so it might take some time to learn essential vocabulary for traveling;
  • Even though Rosetta Stone includes workouts for teaching all aspects of Russian language, it might be too difficult to learn grammar and writing while using this program. So you either need to have previous Russian learning experience or you will need additional material;
  • Quite commonly you need to have a Russian dictionary around because at times it is difficult to know the exact word that a picture is trying to portray;
  • If you are interested in knowing more about Russian people and their culture you will not find any material included in this course for that. In fact it can be said that this software is designed the same for all languages;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Rosetta Stone can be a useful language learning software for some Russian learners. In my opinion learners who are already familiar with Russian grammar and writing system, can greatly expand their vocabulary list and improve their pronunciation while using this software. Since Rosetta Stone offers interactive program with many different features and activities, studying via this course is never too monotonic. In case you prefer to study Russian on the go, it is also possible to do that with Rosetta Stone. All material in online course can be accessed via different devices (online) and users of the software can study Russian on the move via accompanying Cd’s.

On the other hand, if you are a complete beginner at Russian language, Rosetta Stone might be not the best choice for you. Since immersion type of learning doesn’t provide explanations, it is difficult to understand grammar and other more difficult parts of a new language. So if you don’t have previous Russian learning experience, it might be a better idea to consider alternative online courses or get some additional books on grammar and writing that can be used in combination with Rosetta Stone.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Russian Software?

buy-Rosetta-Stone-RussianIf you have already decided to buy Rosetta Stone Russian course, you can order it on sites like Amazon or official website online.

The price for standard version of this course ranges between $249 and $499 for all 5 levels. In case this seems like huge investment for you, there is also a possibility to buy one level at a time or choose a set of three levels. If you are interested in buying online version of this course you should know that it is a bit more expensive (~$375 for one year) and it is a subscription (not a one-time payment).

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Instant Immersion Russian review.

About Instant Immersion Russian Software.

Instant Immersion software is available for learning more than 120 foreign languages and Russian is one of them. This learning program is interactive and it offers to learn new languages through immersion. The main purpose of this software is to help learners build their vocabulary so that they would be able to communicate in a new language as quickly as possible. Immersion type of teaching means that you will not find lengthy explanations on Russian grammar & language structure. Learners who are interested in learning all aspects of Russian might find it as a large disadvantage; however for others it can help to save time when studying and avoid more complicated parts of a new language.

The software is suitable for complete beginners since it starts with single Russian words and once the lessons progress learners are being introduced to more complex phrases and sentences. At the moment there are up to 3 levels of this software available for Russian language so it is possible to advance to intermediate level by completing them all.

instant-immersion-russian-featuresWithin the course you can find different activities like quizzes, workouts, games that can help to practice Russian from different angles. One quite useful feature that you can find in Instant Immersion software is Voice Comparison. It allows to compare your Russian pronunciation with a native speaker. By using this feature you will be encouraged to speak Russian out load and also you will be able to check if you are doing it right or not.

The vocabulary that you can learn from this program covers topics such as asking directions, ordering food, talking about yourself, hobbies, sports and more. In the third part of this software you can also find a separate section that teaches vocabulary associated with business. In this part you can expand your list of vocabulary on topics like finance, marketing, advertising, negotiating and more. So this particular part in Instant Immersion can be specifically useful for learners who are studying Russian for business or work purposes.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • This learning program provides studying content through different multimedia (audios, games, flashcards and etc.) so it can be suitable for more Russian learners (visual and audible);
  • This learning program comes together with free e-tutoring from iTalki (30 minutes session). In case you need more assistance, there is also a possibility to buy additional credits from this company;
  • Since workouts in Instant Immersion are different and quite engaging, learning Russian via this software is not too monotonic;
  • Instant Immersion uses little English in the software, so you will be able to immerse into Russian language almost completely when studying via this program;
  • By completing workouts in Instant Immersion, learners get points so it is easier to keep track of their learning progress. Furthermore, all activities in this program are fully tracked so you will be able continue studying Russian where you last left;
  • Keeping retention rate high is not too difficult when following Instant Immersion lessons since there is sufficient practice through different workouts and material is being repeated in further lessons;
  • Learning Russian on the move can be quite difficult while using this software, but it is still possible to do that by using supplementary audios, app and phrasebook;
  • Instant Immersion can be quite helpful software for learning & repeating Russian words. Vocabulary in this program is also grouped based on topics, so you can choose to learn words that are the most essential for you at the moment;
  • This program can be useful for learning good pronunciation and practicing overall Russian speaking skills. Recordings in Instant Immersion software are made by native speakers and also there is Voice Recording that encourages to speak out load & allows to compare your pronunciation;
  • Purchasing Instant Immersion will give lifetime access to this Russian studying program. Your family members or friends will be able to use it too, since it can be installed on multiple computers;
  • The price of this software can be quite appealing for most Russian learners since you can buy the whole 3 levels for 49.95 USD. The course is also backed up by money guarantee so you can request refund for up to 90 days;

The Main Cons:

  • In case you want to communicate with other learners when studying Russian, you will not find any social features included in Instant Immersion for this purpose;
  • If you have limited time for studying Russian and prefer to learn on the go, it might be difficult to do that with Instant Immersion. Since it is software based program, you will need to be around your computer in order to access most of studying material & features;
  • When compared with Rosetta Stone, it can be said that Instant Immersion has less advanced Voice Recognition feature (it only allows to compare pronunciation, but it doesn’t give feedback);
  • While there are workouts in Instant Immersion that cover some Russian grammar basics, they don’t give explanations. Due to this you will need supplementary learning content & resources in order to learn it properly;

What Do User Reviews Say?

To summarize user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian, it can be said that there are both positive and negative ones. Most learners agree that it is a useful program for learning Russian vocabulary and that this software provides quite a lot of learning content (considering its price). Studying via Instant Immersion is also not too monotonic since learning activities are quite engaging and fun to do.

Some downsides that users of this program mention are lack of explanations on grammar or not sufficient features (advanced) for practicing Russian speaking skills. Read a few actual user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian program bellow.


Find more user reviews of Instant Immersion Russian program on Amazon.

In Summary.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Instant Immersion can be useful learning software for some Russian learners. Immersion type of workouts can be helpful in learning & repeating vocabulary. Voice Comparison feature and audios in this software can be useful for learning pronunciation and improving overall Russian speaking skills. The price of Instant Immersion is quite reasonable, so this software can be affordable for most Russian learners.

Despite these mentioned benefits, it can be said that Instant Immersion Russian has quite a lot of limitations too. Since this program doesn’t give explanations on Russian structure & grammar, it might be too difficult to progress with this software alone for complete beginners at this language. Also Instant Immersion has little learn on the go features so it might be not the best choice studying program for busy learners.

Where to buy Instant Immersion Russian Program?

instant-immersion-russian-softwareYou can find Instant Immersion software (including for Russian language) at retail sites like Amazon & eBay and official website of this course. All three parts of this software are priced at 49.95 USD, but there is also a possibility to order only the first level of Instant Immersion software (29.95 USD). Since the price difference between these two options is quite little, it is definitely more cost efficient to buy all levels in the bundle. You can also find older versions of this learning program for sale; however it might contain less studying content or features.

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