Babbel Russian review.

About Babbel Russian Course.

Babbel can be a great choice course for everyone wanting to learn basics of Russian language. It is subscription based online program for learning foreign languages like German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and a few others. Studying material in Babbel is oriented for beginners and after completing all lessons users can expect to achieve A1 level in Russian language. For some other foreign languages Babbel includes more studying material so it is even possible to achieve B1 level in a new language.

Studying material in Babbel covers different aspects of this foreign language and it can help to learn how to understand, speak and write in Russian. One of the best features of Babbel is that learning can happen whenever you have an internet connection. You can access studying material via your computer, smartphone or a tablet. A free App is available too, which makes learning even more convenient on the go while using your tablet or mobile. You will also find Voice Recording feature available, which is very helpful for improving Russian speaking skills.


When it comes to course structure Babbel has lessons grouped based on their difficulty & different topics. You will find some lessons covering grammar while others will be more oriented on expanding your Russian vocabulary on topics like animals, home, holiday, travel, numbers and etc. There are also 4 beginner courses included those difficulty increase gradually with each part. Different lessons in Babbel are quite commonly divided into 2 parts to make them shorter, each of them have clear learning goals and there is also review lesson included too.

Review of The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

The Main Strong Sides:

  • After registering at official Babbel website it is possible to get some free Russian lessons. So learners are able to test if this course works for them or not before spending any money;
  • Studying material in Babbel covers all areas of Russian so learners can improve their speaking, listening, grammar, reading, writing skills with this program;
  • Babbel can be a great course for busy Russian learners. This is because all lessons are divided into small parts (takes 10-15 minutes to complete) and also all material can be accessed online or by using different devices (free app is available);
  • Babbel can be a very useful course for Russian learners who are studying this language for traveling purposes. There is some cultural information included and most of the words & phrases included in this program can be useful when getting around in a foreign country;
  • Users of this course can learn ~2000 new Russian words after completing all lessons in Babbel. This would be equivalent to A1 level in Russian language (based on CEFR scale);
  • Most workouts in Babbel are enriched by pictures so learning Russian via this course would be more engaging experience. Also the whole course is combined from different activities so leaning is never too monotonic;
  • It can be said that Babbel does sufficient repetition to keep learners retention rate high when studying Russian. Also there is Review Manager feature included in this course, which selects random Russian words from previous lessons and test your knowledge on them;
  • If you prefer to have some social features available when learning Russian, you will find them in Babbel. This includes ability to communicate with other learners, participate in forum discussions and etc.
  • Whenever you will login to Babbel you will be able to continue studying Russian where you last left since this program has advanced tracking;
  • There are some features in Babbel that are aimed at motivating learners to study Russian further. All workouts in this program are based on points so that it would be easier to follow learning progress and features like Daily Challenge asks questions daily from already finished lessons;
  • Recordings in Babbel are made by native Russian speakers so you can always hear proper pronunciation of this foreign language. Voice Recording feature is very useful for improving Russian speaking skills and also there are even separate lessons included on how to pronounce different sounds in Russian;
  • While Babbel doesn’t include in depth explanations on Russian language structure & grammar, most learners will find it enough to progress with this language without too much difficulty;
  • Since Babbel is a subscription based program you will not need to spend too much money on this course at a time. Monthly fee can vary between 4.95 – 9.95 USD and it is also backed up by 20 days money back guarantee;

The Main Weak Sides:

  • Babbel doesn’t offer any online e-tutoring, which can be seen as disadvantage by some Russian learners;
  • Workouts in this course mostly teach individual Russian words so it can take some time until you will be able to construct sentences from them;
  • Babbel is mostly oriented at beginners in this foreign language so if your goal is to achieve more advanced level in Russian you will definitely need additional courses & studying material;
  • It is necessary to have internet connection at all times when studying via Babbel since it is online based course;

In Summary.

Despite some minor downsides it can be said that Babbel can be a great course for most Russian learners. If you are just beginning to study this foreign language, Babbel can help you learn the most essential Russian words & phrases, understand the basics of grammar and language structure. Learning via Babbel is also quite convenient since studying material can be accessed via different devices. Subscription type of pricing (4.95 – 9.95 USD) is also quite appealing since it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on this program at a time.Babbel Russian Course

When considering Babbel course for studying Russian it might be worthwhile to consider a few limitations of this program too. Since this course is mostly aimed at beginners, more advanced learners might find it not sufficiently challenging. Also Babbel mostly teach individual Russian words and doesn’t provide in depth explanations on language structure or grammar. So additional studying material might be needed in case you want to learn all aspects of Russian language.

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