10 Reasons to Learn Russian.

The world we live in today is a global village; this is due to the fact that the advent of internet has made it easy to interact with people around the world. However, most people still find it difficult to interact fluently with people around the world and this has hampered trade and investments in certain region.

Learning a foreign language is one of the ways to eliminate the language barrier that is affecting trade and investment. One of the foreign languages that people around the world are encouraged to learn is Russian language. Some of the reasons why everybody should learn this particular language are discussed below.

1. Russian is Among The Most Spoken Language in the World.

One of the reasons why it is strongly advised for people around the world to learn Russian language is because of the fact that it is among the most spoken language in the world today. It has been established that Russian language is the 6th most spoken language in the world today.

As a matter of fact, Russian language is not only spoken in Russian alone, but also in Kazakhstan, Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan etc. Russian language is arguably the most spoken language in Europe.

2. Making New Friends.

making-russian-friendsMaking new friends is another important reason why people should learn Russian language. Once you can speak other languages, you can easily make new contacts and meet new friends. This will broaden your social circle.

Once you can speak Russian fluently, making friends with Russians wouldn’t be a challenge as there will no longer be communication barriers.

3. Explore New Culture.

Exploring the culture of Russian is another great reason why people should learn Russian language. This is because of the fact that learning Russian language will enable you to have a perfect understanding of the culture. This is due to the belief that Russian culture is built around the literature and language of Russian.

4. Read Amazing and Beautiful Poetry and Literature in their original Language.

russian-literatureQuite a lot of interesting and amazing poetry, literature in history were written in Russian language.  In view of this, learning Russian will enable people that are passionate about literature to read fascinating texts in their original form. Examples of such literatures are Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Chekhov, Gogol and Pushkin.

Of course, some of these texts are later translated into English so it is not necessary to know Russian in order to read them. However it is important to keep in mind that during the translation process some of the original ideas might be lost or interpreted differently. So it is always best to read a text in its original language in order to avoid this.

5. Employment Opportunity.

Learning and understanding Russian language can improve employment opportunities and increase possibility of finding a job. Since Russian has a large number of speakers, it is highly likely that different business will want to employ people who can communicate fluently in this language.

Since the inception of the new millennium, Russia has been striving hard to position itself as a global economy force. This has made them to make significant impact in the tourism industry globally and makes more employment opportunities available in these areas. Therefore those that understand Russian language have comparative advantage when firms in the Russian tourism industry are recruiting.

6. Study Advantage.

study-in-russiaMany people around the world are always interested to study in Russia or other countries speaking this language. Russia itself has a well structured education’s system so the number of students interested in studying there is always high. Students that learnt Russian language before studying in any Russian speaking country always have comparative advantage than their counterparts who don’t understand the language.

This is why most Universities in Russian speaking countries always enroll their international students into Russian speaking classes for a year before they proceed to the main students. However, those that understand Russian language already will not go through this process, they will proceed directly to the studies.

7. Russians Seldom Speak English.

Another reason why it is necessary to learn Russian language is that most Russians find it difficult to speak English. This fact is especially true for people who are older and mid-aged. Therefore doing business with these categories of people in Russian speaking countries can be very challenging and difficult. However, if you understand the language it will be quite easy to transact business with them.

8. Travelling.

russian-touristFor people that are passionate about travelling and have a dream of travelling to Russia or other country speaking this language, should start learning at least basic words and sentences in Russian. This will enable them to easily interact and socialize with people they will meet there.  With this, their stay will definitely be more fun and interesting experience.

9. Russians Language Specialists Are Highly Demanded In Certain Countries.

People who can speak Russian language very well are highly demanded in various countries including United States. Different specialists are employed in Agencies like Department of Agriculture (USDA), Homeland security, Department of Defense etc. These departments have regarded Russian language as a major requirement for hiring personnel. In view of this, US citizens with the ambitions to work in any of these mentioned departments are strongly advised to learn Russian language so as to stand a better chance of being hired.

10. Russian Language Is Very Important In Science and Technology.

The fact that quite a lot of publications in science and technology are in Russian language, make it essential for some people around the world to learn it. A recent research unveiled that most science publications are in English language followed by Russian. It is a known fact that quite a lot of innovation in computer programming, software engineering, and IT always emanate from Russian. This is why people in these fields should take learning of Russian language seriously so as to be able to move along with the trends.

These are only a few of the reasons to learn Russian and many people can find even more of them. With the points advanced above, it can be deduced that learning Russian is definitely worthwhile since it has many benefits.